About us

Sano Sarvar is a Private Limited company based in India, engaged in developing technological solutions to revolutionize Healthcare scenario of India. At Sano, we aim to make information seamlessly available to patients and healthcare professional in order to assist better treatment plans and improve the patient outcomes.

Founded in 2018, based in Ahmedabad with an office in New York City, Sano plans to launch nation-wide software products that are designed to provide enormous utility over existing solutions.

Sano Sarvar is a team of young, passionate techies who has set out to build a better version of Indian healthcare. For this mission, we rely on our Promise and Principles.

Our Team

Sano Sarvar was started to build the future of Indian Healthcare scenario and hence team at Sano comprises of young, bright and passionate individuals who dare to work long hours to build a better future for all of us.

We believe in taking risks and rewarding the risks. Hence, at Sano every team member is entitled to receive bonus compensation in stock/equity and thus, essentially becoming an owner of the company’s future.

Kaushal Shah

CEO & Co-Founder

Ankit Parikh

CTO & Co-Founder

Jainam Shah

Head of Marketing

Chintan Patel

Head of Product

Our Promise

We have come across various stories of so-called technology companies working with healthcare professionals to steal and abuse their patients’ data by directly marketing to them for cheaper services.

Along those lines, we have created a following creed

We will never ………


any types of services
to customers obtained
through our partners


Provide Healthcare services
directly to public
(Pharmacy, Clinic, Lab)


with security
of the data of patients’ medical records